Monday, July 31, 2006

MsElla's Vacation

Ms Ella headed out on the road recently to see abit of the country and do a bit of camping. She took along a friend who was moving to Vancover BC Canada to live:

Along the way she stopped at a rest area just before Ellensburg:

She stopped in Ellensburg to check out the sights and saw a great mural on a building:

While there she met a new friend and sat on the bench with him for a visit:

Later that night she found a camping area just this side of Snoqualimie and camped for the night:

A couple days into the trip she headed north and stopped for a rest and a snack in Bellingham at a neat little park:

While there she hiked around a bit and enjoyed sitting in the woods:

She made it to Canada and went camping in an area near Weaver Lake (wheelcahirs make handy camp chairs LOL):

In the morning she sat by the campfire and enjoyed her coffee:

She stopped in Hope BC, where they have really neat carved statues on practically every corner and a really nice one of a Mountie:

She stopped off at the Hope Slide, where on January 9, 1965 the largest rock and earth slide in the history of Bristish Columbia happened:

Ms Ella decided that staying at a hotel that night sounded pretty good and found a nice one in Midway BC:

In the morning before heading home she enjoyed her morning coffee just outside the room:

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