Monday, April 30, 2007

Ms Ella at "Walk on Common Ground"

On Saturday April 28, 2007 Ms Ella participated in the 1st annual Moscow CommUNITY Walk "Walk on Common Ground":

The starting point was Friendship Square, where Ms Ella wandered about:

Then it was up to East City Park where there was food and entertainment:


Looking forward to next year and more fun out and about:

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ghazi said...

Thanks, Jean....this is splendid....a great tribute to the UNITY WALK--and also wonderful for promoting the event this year and in the future...
I have already shared it with our planning-group....and they loved it...
And, unless there are any copyrights, I will also pass it along to others to promote the 2008 WALK (April 26, 2008--I request Ms. Ella to note the date).
Best wishes and thanks Ella....we love you...