Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A break in the weather

The sunshine and warmth came out this past weekend, so Ms Ella decided a bit of a wander about the neighborhood would be a nice idea.

Tho, she was thinking farther afield would be nice:


She decided to check out the tractor the property owner has next to the barn:



She decided to see if anything was blooming yet, found a daffodil that was getting ready. A friend wandered by and decided Ella needed some more color, so loaned her a nice colorful feather boa:


Scrapper cat thought it was neat:


It was a nice day to sit and look out over the field with the new wheat coming up:


Rum Tum thought it was a good idea too and joined her:


All in all, a very nice day and Ms Ella is looking forward to more.

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